Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer - Success Story

I am treating Prostate Cancer with CBD Tincture with excellent results. My cancer has reduced and am obviously delighted with the results. My last PET scan has shown a marked reduction of the Cancer in my Prostate!

Prostate Cancer
I have been told from several sources that cannabis oil must have a high THC content (around 15-20% to be effective. What is your response to this? Steve
Prostate Cancer Reduction
Over the past few months since I was told I have prostate cancer I have spoken to many people and read a lot of data. I am interested in getting some idea of the time frame people believe that oil takes to show some results.
I get tested very 6 months
I get tested very 6 months and my PSA is going up but at decreased rate of increase since taking the oil.I also cut out red meat and dairy from my diet.

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