Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain - Success Story

I have been using CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia Pain. I have had a huge improvement in my overall pain and can testify that it is a result of using CBD Oil along with diet changes and improving my gut condition of leaky gut. Noticeably though since using the oil. I am using just the one dose daily before bed at night time. I didn't know that it had to be at room temperature though and was using it directly from the refrigerator. I am now putting the one grain of rice size dose on a teaspoon and letting it sit for 10 minutes to get to room temperature. CBD Oil is allowing others to live a normal life without pain.

Georgina (not verified)
Curious to try this
I have fibromyalgia, systemic sclerosis, polyarthralgia, sleep apnea, lupus SLE.
Fibromyalgia and RA
Hi Have been diagonised with RA and fibromyalgia over 5 years ago my wife is my official carer. I have been suffering from chronic pain most of this time I have tried most possible medication including 4 different injections & high doses of lyrica continually taking endone & targin antidepression Cymbalta, occasionally prednisone plus other drugs. all of which give me less and less pain relief to the point where kidney & liver issues are showing up on my monthly blood tests. I am in such continual chronic pain on a daily level that I am unable to have a normal life. My severe pain areas are all joints including jaw eyes ribs and severe pain in hands including swelling in joints & feet to the point where I have difficulty walking My research has seen that most of this medication I have seems to have little help for my illnesses and I believe CBD would give a better relief for my ailments. I am 68 yrs old and find it extremely difficult to operate in this environment. I also suffer from other extreme conditions including muscle soreness all over, even to touch any muscle which gives me chronic pain in joints and most muscle areas. I am basically a real mess and have trouble with the pain everyday doctors I have seen including specialists just want to give me more prescription drugs
Kate Clark 88 t...
Hi Georgina, have
Hi Georgina, have fibromyalgia and chronic pain also having issues with sleep Just wondering if you have tried you will? And if so what dose
Michelle Devrson (not verified)
Complex Regional Pain sysdrome
I am writing this on behalf of my daughter who suffers from CRPS in both feet. pain level 7/10 to a 9/10. Managing couple of hours sleep a night has there been any research done on the syndrome with the treatment of medical marijuana.
There has been little done in

There has been little done in Australia regarding medical marijuana trials so there isn't much evidence in this country about its effectiveness. However, there is an abundance of research and evidence internationally about the positive effects medical marijuana has when treating a variety of medical ailments and conditions.

J CAIN (not verified)
I have had x3 ops failed - broken bones, screws pins, pain and had enough. I have been told on top i have Arachnoiditis which has no cure and is very very painful and fibromyalgia as well as arthritis in my spine, body and neck. So movement is painful at the best of times. Sorry I know there are people worse off. Thanks just want some relief from this jungle:}x
Fibromyalgia / chronic head pain
I am in pain all the time, I always have headaches, fatigue, trouble sleeping, body pain and more. I take Endone, Panadine Forte and Cymbalta but not very effective.
Fibro possible Lyme , back injury
Bulging split discs at L4/L5 L5/S1 cause constant pain. Also have constant muscle bone and nerve pain, one doctor says fibro, another says possible Lyme. Oxynorm, Cymbalta, amiltriptyline don't help
Fibromyalgia & Chronic back pain
I am suffering from Fibromyalgia and chronic back & neck pain. My lower back L4/5 L5/6 S1 I also have an extra disc in my pelvis which causes severe pain and my Neck c2/3 C4/5 C 5/6 I have also had a fusion & discectomy surgery @ C4/5 I also have restless leg syndrome and I am sure that all my pain medication is doing me No good at all I am taking targin 15 mg twice a day endone ( up to 6 a day ) lyrica 600 mg a day endep 100 mg a day plus a Cpl of others. I am also suffering depression. I was given some Marijuana to smoke which helps so much as when I had some I didn't have to take any Endone at all but I think the cure is worse then the disease. I was wanting to know how to get some oil to try as I don't really want to keep smoking. I also use to be a semi professional athlete at an elite level for over 20 years I also still try to exercise every day to keep myself moving. I have been suffering now for 6/7 years.
Jan Western
Fibromyalgia , bursitis, tendinitis , deep bone pain
I have this pain permanently . It wakes me up at night. I can’t take anti inflammatories and panadeine has zero effect . I do not wish to go on stronger , prescription painkillers and therefore have started to study up on the legal CBD , hemp oil , other ... Where can this be purchased .? I have not found any in the retail health food stores .
I have severe pain from Osteoarthritis especially in my feet making getting around almost impossible and extremely painful. My feet also burn when I elevate them and feel as if they are being squeezed in a vice. Has anyone found any relief from CBDs for these ailments?
Carole Jackson
Medical Marijuana for Spinal injury pain
I have curvature of the spin & have a lot of pain I need Medical Marijuana to get through the day & be pain free, I don't want to get high I just want to be pain free.

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