Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer - Success Story

I have had endometrial cancer, diagnosed Feb 2015. Had a hysterectomy in August 2015. All was good for 3 months, then a tumour started growing on the suture line inside vagina, it grew to 10cm, I ended up having radiation to shrink it. It did shrink it to 2x3cm. In June I started taking CBD Oil. I worked my way up to a ml a day, I have recently had an ultrasound, x-rays and blood tests. They can't find any sign of tumor. My white blood cells have gone up, they're not in the range yet but I'm positive they'll keep going up. I haven't had a cat scan as yet, but I'm positive that won't show up much either. I have my strength back and am putting on weight again. I swear by CBD Oil. It's amazing.

Endometrial Ca
I too have endometrial cancer which was originally treated with surgery, chemo and radiation..Within 3 months it had spread to lymph nodes in neck..I am taking CBD oil but cannot access it easily, it really helps with pain and anxiety but my neck nodes have not reduced in size..Was wondering how you are going now?

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