Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer - Success Story

I am currently going through chemo for secondary breast cancer and cannot begin to tell you how well I feel. Minimal side affects from the chemo and am off all pain killers. I believe I owe it to Organic CBD Oil and I am very thankful. My family and I truly believe in it. I have been fighting cancer for 10 years now and after only 3 months of the CBD Oil we are all thrilled at how well I am. The doctors are amazed as well but I have chosen not to share with them right at the moment. Maybe one day I will. Looking forward to scans in August to see if my tumors have shrunk.

Karolline (not verified)
Breast Cancer update
Dear Breast Cancer Fighter, Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. 10 years is a long battle and you must be a very strong, brave woman indeed! I would really like to know how your scans turned out in August. Is there any chance you could please post an update? Kudos to you for your strength in adversity! Hoping all results you get are great results ☺
Anne Shelly (not verified)
Keep up the good work!
I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2011, I had all the conventional treatments. Chemo first, as I had inflammatory breast cancer, very aggressive, then surgery in August 2012 finally radiation September October 2012. From there on I was place on hormone suppressors, never felt so bad in all my life, those drugs are pure poison. In September 2015 I was diagnosed with metastasised breast cancer in my bones. After having a 3cm tumour removed and 7 vertebrae fused in my spine I decided to try Marijuana. I made some oil myself from a product I purchased locally. It wasn't organic so not ideal, I then purchased some from CBD Oil from My next lot of tests showed some regression in tumors with not further developments. Since ceasing the CBD Oil I am having more tumors appear, however at this stage they are not eating into my bone. I do feel that the oil I have consumed has held them at bay. My doctors are aware of my treatments, they have no issue with this at all.
It's great to hear you had
It's great to hear you had success with CBD Oil and your own oil which you made yourself. Keep up the good fight and keep doing what you need to do to get better.

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