Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer - Success Story

Sorry if I sound desperate but I have a incurable brain tumour and since taking CBD Oil I was fortunate to have my second craniotomy cancelled because it has shrunk to under 1cm. I am afraid without CBD Oil it will start growing again.

Barbara (not verified)
My partner has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma, and is about to start radiation and chemo tablet form. I am really interested if this would help him if not cure him and take the tumors away. He has had surgery on one and has another. I have heard so many good stories and results from cannibas oil and am keen to get started so I can have him in my life forever.
Hi Barbara; i have the same as your partner,
I have been in to have tumors removed 3 times in 13 months; i have had radiation,the tablet chemo and intro. type;i would love to know how your partner goes,would you please let me know and what type of cannibas oil you are trying. Thanks heaps. Colin
This brain cancer success
This brain cancer success story was provided by our member using CBD Oil. The member reported that while using CBD it helped with the reduction of tumour size and growth. Unfortunately we could no longer provide the product to this member due to government intervention which stopped us providing life saving CBD Oil. This member reported back to me that when they stopped using the CBD Oil the tumour started to get larger in size. It's a shame that the government put their own commercial interests ahead of peoples well-being.
Brown (not verified)
Australian Source
I also have a friend who has just a had a large brain tumour removed and is considering his treatment options. CBD seems the obvious answer, but where can we source it in Australia?
Helene hurrell (not verified)
Brain tumor
My husband has a grade 4 glioblastoma. Hes had an operation to have them partially removed and has to decide whether to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Hes 78 years old and in good physical condition. How can marijuana assist his recovery.
CBD Oil can help with
CBD Oil can help with recovery from chemo and radiation therapy. I have been told by members that it suppresses nausea and increases appetite. It also helps by generally making you feel more energised when your body is under considerable stress from those toxic treatments.
brain cancer
Had all treatments nothing is working tumor very aggressive given 6 months Where can i get the oil I have my first grand child due in October and would like to be here for that
I am reaching out to our
I am reaching out to our members to find out where they are sourcing CBD Oil since we are no longer selling it for the time being. I will let you know when I have more information.
Emma Jane (not verified)
Stage IV lung cancer
I have stage IV lung cancer , BRAF mutation . I have had chemotherapy and radiation therapy wich is not working . My oncologist has said I am incurable . I am getting desperate and need help ! I have read alot of information about canna oil and cbd oil helping and even curing cancer patients . Are you able to help me ? Will your products have an effect on lung cancer ?
I believe the products you
I believe the products you are referring to can help you more so than traditional toxic treatments that are currently being used like chemo and radiation. At this time I suggest you do as much research as you can and try and make Canna Oil or Rick Simpsons oil yourself.
Aggressive kidney cancer & secondary lung & spine tumours.
My Mum has just been diagonised on Monday with this horrifying disease. We are all panicked. Mum is a picture of health & has had no pain or systemic problems. She cannot have chemo as the kidney will flush it out of her body!! PLEASE HELP ME HELP MY MUM!!!! I need to access cannibus oil to start treating Mum.
Juanita Dibley (not verified)
Aggessive Stage IV Brain Lung Pancreas Cancer
My Mum has brain cancer, lung cancer and pancreas cancer. She cannot have chemo or anything as she is to weak. The oncologist said there is nothing they can do. I am getting desperate and need help! I have read about people using cannabis oil and their cancer is sometimes cured or shrinking in size. Can you help me please? Can You help me get some CBD OIL THAT CAN HELP. I need to get some!
Sukumarn Sarasook
Brain tumour and Lymphoma
My aunt has got Lymphoma and brain tumour. She has been removed the tumour from her brainstem two months ago. And she is going to have radiation therapy in the next couple weeks. I have been told that the cannabis oil can treat the cancer effectively and cure the side effects from the radiation therapy. I need to get one for her. I just wondering where can I purchase one for my aunt?

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