Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease - Success Story

I would like to add my testimonial of the CBD Oil for treatment of my autoimmune disease. Following many years of very disappointing consultations with doctors for treatment of Ulcerative Proctitis I decided to try Cannabis oil to treat my condition rather than keep administering poisonous prescription medication that may have held symptoms at bay but ultimately gave me more issues than before I started taking them. CBD Oil has managed to keep the blood, mucous, bloating and lower left abdominal pain at bay without any side affects. Prior to taking the oil I was finding it difficult to work as I needed to be very close to a toilet and working by appointment made this impossible. The oil has allowed me to continue working symptom free and has reduced all the inflammation that created the symptoms. I was not able to take it overseas with me for 3 weeks and and my symptoms started to resurface. As soon as I returned home I started the oil again and within 12 hours I was symptom free again. What a shame we live in a world where prescription drugs are King but a natural healing product is restricted!

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