Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease - Success Story

I would like to add my testimonial of the CBD Oil for treatment of my autoimmune disease. Following many years of very disappointing consultations with doctors for treatment of Ulcerative Proctitis I decided to try Cannabis oil to treat my condition rather than keep administering poisonous prescription medication that may have held symptoms at bay but ultimately gave me more issues than before I started taking them. CBD Oil has managed to keep the blood, mucous, bloating and lower left abdominal pain at bay without any side affects. Prior to taking the oil I was finding it difficult to work as I needed to be very close to a toilet and working by appointment made this impossible. The oil has allowed me to continue working symptom free and has reduced all the inflammation that created the symptoms. I was not able to take it overseas with me for 3 weeks and and my symptoms started to resurface. As soon as I returned home I started the oil again and within 12 hours I was symptom free again. What a shame we live in a world where prescription drugs are King but a natural healing product is restricted!

Wendy (not verified)
CBD oil
I have colitis and many other complaints... Am wondering.. Did you use the oil topically or taken orally ? I am looking for relief from other physical pain as well so mainly looking at a topical lotion . ?
CBD Oil is more effective
CBD Oil is more effective when taken orally and ingested into your body.
Megen (not verified)
I have crohns and am wondering where I can get or how I make this oil to help relive symtoms, could you please help me find a reliable source or a safe way of making this as I don't wish to put my family at risk.
I will reach out to our
I will reach out to our members to find out where they are sourcing CBD Oil in Australia. I am also in the process of publishing some new articles which will include the process used to make your own oil.
Geraint Gregory (not verified)
motor neurone disease
My wife has been diagnosed in March of this year with upper motor neurone disease She is in her early eighties & as far as the neurology specialists are concerned there is no known cure at this stage for MND. Would the taking of CBD oil orally if it were available/possible in Qld Australia be of help i.e to prolong her life or even cure her MND over a given period of time ? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you geraint gregory Husband of above
Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
I really can't see the harm in trying CBD Oil on your wife. I am positive it will help her in some way but the only way to find out if it helps with motor neurone disease is to test it out. If you manage to source CBD Oil and use it on your wife please report back to us as we would like to know how things went.
Autoimmune disorders
My father has aggressive systemic mastocytosis. He is 88 and it is a terminal condition. He is in quite a lot of bone pain, one of the associated symptoms of this disease. He is very sensitive to opiates and is struggling to find suitable pain relief. Still seems to be a reluctance to prescribing by doctors is this because it hasn't been cleared as legal yet?
Colitis - inflammatory Bowel Disease
I have suffered all my life with colitis and diarrhea. and belly cramping. I am now 50yo. The only thing that made a dramatic difference to my bowel was Hemp CBD oil. (At least that's what it was sold as.) I've discussed this with various doctors. I can not access (in Australia) Hemp CBD oil. I have tried THC, and it did NOT work for my colitis. My GP has tried to access this for me. In theory, it's possible BUT when my GP fills out the forms, the Gov't regulators reject it. I am suffering from bad colitis at the moment (inc some blood), and I can not get my hands on CBD oil. I am not interested in any THC high (I find it boring!). I just want to be able to control my bowel. PS: I have used various med's including prednisone, but nothing helps my colitis like CBD extract.
Crohns, Psoriatic Arthritis
I am currently on Humira I have just changed from Infliximab (Remicade) which I was on for 5yrs I developed extremely bad joint pain from these TNF blocker's, they want to try me on a new drug that I find terrifying Vedolizumab, I feel like I've lost control of my life. These biological drugs just have some horrible risks and side effects. The pain I have is bad very bad, I don't want to be seen as dramatic but my pain is bad I have no quality of life at moment I can't sleep because of the pain I'm grumpy and not very nice because of the pain and lack of sleep. I'm in South Australia and because of what's going on with the Health System here I'm having to change my Doctor/specialist to continue with treatment that feels like is destroying me. I would really like to give CBD oil a go, I have been researching it for a few yrs because of my Autoimmune conditions and it seems it could be greatly beneficial with much less side effects, but I just have know idea how to go about it. I know laws have changed around medical cannabis especially here in South Australia but it all seems so far away from being able to easily and regularly obtain it, which all seems too far away for someone that feels like they are at the end of their rope, I'm just looking for a little relief without paying for in big side effects. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Hi im tanya,just started to do some research and would just like to know from you guys with more under stand. Im wondering would or could the oil help me and mum. My mum has osteomyelitis, scoliosis. Waiting for new hip.she is in pain all the time she doesnt like painkiller. And for me i have rheumatoid which is in remission. I have always had a bad memory and difficult talking put words together. Im dyslexic i just say i talk backsward which is true .i have my own language. I cant tell a story it always jumbled around.ive been like that since a kid. I think back to when my kids were young and i dont remember swot. My eldest is 17 and youngsters is 5. I cant remember xmas or birthdays i remember last Christmas. I have forgot main Events that have happen until mum tells me. That i should have not forgotten.Just wondering if i do have a form of dementia i know it take years . could i use the oil to help. I dont want to be high as kite.Thanks any info would be great
Kanwalpreet Singh
My child is mental retarded special child. Who have a problem to remember anything. He is not keen to studies. He do other activities. But remembering is nil. Will these types of products help with him?
Parkinson's and Crohn's diseases
G'day I've got the double whammy. I've been diagnosed with Parkinson disease for about 5 years and recently I've been diagnosed with crohn's disease as well. Will this oil help me for both of these debilitating diseases? My PD is getting worse and I have had 4 episodes of pure PD at it worse. Please help me if you can! Greg
Continue to seek for a source
Seems we all need a really good source of CBD oil. I've just stumbled across this site looking for one now. 30yrs old with crohn's, neurocardiogenic syncope that presents as TIAs and a whole list of others. Crohn's finally in remission after 8 years but bad hospital/bad doctors and so many misdiagnoses led to a stomach full of scarring, 3 narrowings and "fond" memories of 4 years of obstructions and septicemia. Despite their best efforts, I'm still here! :) I have a umm... complicated relationship with food... And medication... And doctors. Have great ones now. Prednisone 3 years, have osteo already, gee thanks steroids. Double dose of Vitamin D and calcium with very gentle tai chi (started with phys rehab in water) did wonders. And everytime stuck on my back after a surgury. mpeb67 I know how it feels. Did the rounds myself, some of those meds are more toxic than ths illness! I had the best luck with azithrioprine. Started alowly than increased up. That was my last option before inplant of stomach shunt. But inflammation finally began to drop to double figures. I have an amazing neuro (weird specialist but his a genius, best in australia or something-more importantly, his actually competent) who handles ALL my meds since I have a dozen conditions. Poor pharmacist has to do two webster packs a week. Find your "neuro" equivalent, I paid through the nose ($500 but $200 back through medicare) but omg it is worth it! Since the whole weekly stomach obstructions for 4 years... Sometimes you can't undo the damage that is being done. When another of my specialists wants to add a new medication, we clear it through him, he already knows ALL side effects, and we increase slowly. ( btw those assigned medication specialist aren't too great especially when you are on section 8 or non approved medication) Hope that helps!! So back to main point! Fingers crossed, I'll be posting here soon with somewhere we can purchase some oil. Unless admin had some luck?
rebecca langdon (not verified)
My sister is currently going
My sister is currently going through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) and it has been pure hell for her for 2 months now.. She has a constant itch that is bone deep and her skin is flaring constantly. She has lost her hair and she cannot sleep due to the itch and pain. I am wondering if CBD oil would be beneficial for her? She is adamant that she doesn't want to go back on steroids at all as they had stopped working anyway after many years of use. Can you help us in sourcing CBD oil please? She is in Western Australia.
Autoimmune Disease
Am on a journey to kick my prescription med dependency for this debilitating Ross River Virus I contracted in 2015. Currently prescribed 4 x panadeine forte... 2 x muscle relaxant per day... 1 x antidepressant per day as well as anti-inflammatory 3 x week... I can't function or work to support my children without these drugs but 3 yrs on now & the side effects are taking a toll. I'm waiting for results to see if I now have Hashimoto disease. I believe in order to heal I need to improve my gut health which means an alternative to prescription meds. Please help me source a supplier or reliable recipe for CBD oil. #desperatemember
Why are you always out of stock.
I had bowel concer four years ago. Now have neuroendocrine and recently told that the lung cancer seems to be spreading to ribs and back. Have an injection once a month with extreme side effects - headaches, abdominal cramps, and pain. I want to try your CBD Oil because after all my research yours seems the best. Please respond and let me know when it will be available to purchase. Many thanks
Lorraine Lindsay
MND lower limbs
Hi, I’ve had symptoms for 3 years diagnosed as neuromyatonia/cramp facilitation’s in both legs. Condition Worsened in 2017 now diagnosed with ALS lower limb. There is constant pain in the night and day and difficulty walking. I’m using a walking stick and walker. Very sensitive to all drugs and can only tolerate low dose of Lyrica. Would the oral oil offer some relief? Can it be sourced through u.

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