CBD Tincture [Cannabidiol]

CBD Tincture [Cannabidiol]


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Our CBD Tincture contains 7.15% or 715 mg of organic Cannabidiol (CBD). It was manufactured in Europe based on a 70% alcohol extraction from a commercial marijuana crop. Each bottle has both THC and THCa at under detectable thresholds. CBD Tincture is used internationally as a dietary food supplement and a medicine that has many reported beneficial effects. It contains CBD a non-psychotropic compound of the plant and does not contain the psychotropic properties of THC.

CBD Tincture

Our CBD tincture is a potent cannabidiol containing oil and is based on a 70% alcohol extraction protocol. This makes the CBD tincture extra strong so that the user can administer less of a dose to achieve the same effect.

CBD tincture as a medicine

Since the CBD tincture is extracted and prepared with alcohol, it can be dissolved in any cold liquid. The advantage of this is that the user can consume the cannabidiol product by mixing it with any cold beverage like a juice or in water. Even with a lower active ingredient than our CBD Oil it should take effect much faster because this tincture is very powerful.

Product Specifications

Serving Information
10 ml dropper bottle
7.15% organic CBD Tincture
714.56 mg CBD per bottle
CBD - 562.89 mg
CBDa - 131.57 mg
CBN - 0.89 mg
CBG - 5.55 mg
CBGa - 0.88 mg
CBDv - 12.78 mg
THC - < 0.2% (21.07 mg)
THCa - < 0.2% (2.36 mg)

Directions of Use
The typical serving for CBD Tincture is 2 - 5 drops twice daily but this can vary from person to person depending on their physiology. The 10ml bottle contains approximately 210 - 230 drops. Thankfully, CBD and CBDa have no side effects, so you can safely experiment with a higher or lower dosage until you find the perfect amount your body needs to function optimally. For best results, use the product consistently for two weeks to allow your body to fully get used to the effects.

To use the CBD Tincture by VitaNutricals, just dispense the desired number of drops via the dropper under your tongue or mix it with food or beverages. Be sure not to heat the product above 40 degrees celsius.

PLEASE NOTE - DO NOT STORE THE DROPPER BOTTLE IN THE FRIDGE. Store the product away from sunlight, heat and humidity in a dark place and ensure it is kept below 20 degrees celsius. If you are pregnant or lactating, seek advice from your medical doctor before using raw CBD Tincture as a dietary supplement.

What We Offer?

Organic CBD Tincture 100%
Whole Plant Cannabis Extracts 100%
70% Alcohol Extraction 100%
Lab Tested for Purity and Potency 100%
CBD / CBDA5.63% / 1.32%
CBG / CBGA0.06% / 0.008%
THC / THCA< 0.2% / < 0.2%
Weight: 5 g


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