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Dear Members,

Over the past few weeks we have received some amazing feedback from our members regarding CBD Oil and its effectiveness at treating and managing various ailments and conditions. Here are two stories we want to share with you.


"I am currently going through chemo for secondary breast cancer and cannot begin to tell you how well I feel. Minimal side affects from the chemo and am off all pain killers. I believe I owe it to the organic oil and I am very thankful. My family and I truly believe in it. I have been fighting cancer for 10 years now and after only 3 months of the CBD Oil we are all thrilled at how well I am. The doctors are amazed as well but I have chosen not a share with them right at the moment. Maybe one day I will. Looking forward to scans in August to see if my tumors have shrunk."


A few days ago we received feedback from a member using CBD Oil to treat her skin condition called 'Sweet's Syndrome', here is what she had to say:

"Just wanting to share with you that I haven't been using the CBD Oil for very long but have already noticed a significant change re my debilitating skin condition. Have tried several different things over this last decade to help me but to no avail. Since using this oil my blisters have not developed and have had just a few slight red bumps which generally grow into blisters (sometimes to the size of a 5c coin). Very nasty and very painful. All infections/blisters in my skin have dried up with minimal recurrence. Thank You xo."

We would still love to hear your success stories first hand so please email us and let us know how it's been going for you.

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All the best with your health and well being.

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