CBD Tincture and CBD Oil - Product Update

Company Announcement

Dear Members,

Just touching base today to provide some updates and announcements regarding our company VitaNutricals.

CBD Tincture

We have completed the development and manufacture of our CBD Tincture product for the Australian market. We know many members were anticipating the release of this product so we are very pleased to make this announcement today. Please read the product page for more information about ingredients and directions of use here:



We have also updated the syringe used to dispense the CBD Oil. The new syringe is more efficient for dose control and is a amber colour which helps protect the ingredients from sunlight deterioration. If you would like to purchase the CBD Oil you can order it here:


Success Story

A couple of days ago we received some amazing feedback from a Mum using the CBD Oil to help treat her sons Autism. This is what she had to say:

"We've had success using your oil to treat our Autistic son. We started administering the oil to our son a week before his 3rd birthday. Within a few days we saw a massive change in him. He was calmer, had less meltdowns, could tolerate food better, slept better at night and was able to follow instructions - something he had so much trouble doing in the past.

After a month of administering the oil to him, we ran out and had to wait about a week for the new batch of oil to arrive. That is when we could really see the difference the oil made to his overall health. During that week, all of his ASD symptoms were back. He displayed erratic behaviour, had several meltdowns, didn't sleep well, had food intolerance, etc.

As soon as the oil arrived we administered it again and after a few days he was back to a normal little boy, playing, laughing and interacting with us. We have used the oil in conjunction with a healthy diet and other supplements to get the best results."

We would still love to hear your success stories first hand so please email us and let us know how it's been going for you.

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If anyone has any further questions or suggestions we would like your feedback so please get in touch.

All the best with your health and well being.

VitaNutricals Pty Ltd

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