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Dear Members,

Over the past few weeks there were some members whom experienced delays with their orders being posted in a timely manner. To those members we want to apologise for any inconvenience we might have caused. Our stock levels are now back to normal and we currently have CBD Oil and CBD Tincture available to purchase from our shop:


Due to excessive demand we have had to increase our prices in accordance with our sales policy. Our sales policy is to maintain a certain level of stock on hand so that we do not experience future product shortages and the only way we can currently do that is by increasing the price of our products.

Postage policy and tracking numbers

We currently guarantee delivery within our stated trading terms of 2-5 business days. So once we receive your payment (usually the day after you deposit it) expect your order within 5 business days. We post from Perth, Western Australia. From now on we will not be providing tracking numbers for at least 10 days after your payment has been received. The purpose of the tracking number is to provide proof of postage and are only used in the event of attempting to locate a missing order.

We would still love to hear your success stories first hand so please email us and let us know how it's been going for you.

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If anyone has any further questions or suggestions we would like your feedback so please get in touch.

All the best with your health and well being.

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