The History of Medicinal Marijuana

The History of Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and records in China exist from 5000BC documenting its use. Medicinal Marijuana is now legally recognised in Switzerland, Holland, United States of America, India and France. The THC molecule is the most powerful of natural medicines.

It's unfortunate that thousands of law abiding citizens have to suffer the side effects and addiction of sub optimal pharmaceutical treatments. The 'herb' is mentioned in the bible and administered for thousands of years and formerly available on the U.K. National Health Service but was abolished in 1973 due to 'over prescription' and government pressure from big business interests. Industry sources have claimed that pharmaceutical companies would loose as much as 20% of total revenue.

Effective for over 100 aliments, marijuana has always been recognised through written history. The oldest books are made of cannabis hemp, including the 1st Bible and the final draft of the US Constitution. Only in the last 26 years of UK prohibition have numerous vested interests attempted to distort science and history.

The 'Hemp For Victory' affair highlights how past industrialists, publishers, paranoid bureaucratics have built whole bureaucracies based on false premises. Their attempts to suppress information with the doctoring of the U.S. National Archives, National Library of Congress as documented by Anita Roderick's new movie 'The Hemperor'.

In the near future the
In the near future the opinions of the politicians and lawmakers regarding cannabis use will be irrelevant. It will be the will of the people that change the course of history and cannabis will be available to those whom wish to use it for either medicinal or recreational purposes.
The People Want Medical Marijuana
There was a recent poll on the "Sunday Night" program that showed more than 2.8 million people said they wanted medical marijuana legalised in Australia, the poll was a staggering 96% in favour. Since that program aired there have been so many stories in the media exclaiming the benefits of medical marijuana and there has been a noticeable increase and concerted effort to lobby politicians to have another look at the out of date laws. Keep up the good work people and lets all look forward to a new paradigm in cannabis legalisation.
Brett (not verified)
Crime agaisnt humanity
Not decriminalizing this plant is one of the greatest crimes against humanity,the lies and more lies that have been written about this amazing plant is unbelievable.It is not a Drug,it is written in the Bible 2000 years ago.Drugs are man made they are legally sold at the pharmacy of which is the 3rd biggest Killer on Gods amazing planet.and when will big pharma realize you cannot eat money or maybe they already do, they do not have enough already?
I believe it should be
I believe it should be passed by all states,as Our Father created it ,in the first place,He gave us these plants and herbs to use in the right way,it is just typical greed,in this pathetic world ,Godbless all the people who are suffering with pain ,right now.It is actually criminal not to let people , have this .
Lyn (not verified)
The Good Oil
Has anyone experience in using the oil for schizophrenia? Would love to hear from you.
Heather (not verified)
Rheumatoid arthritis/Marijuana

I sit here in pain 24/7 with the Rheumatoid disabling me more each day. On a USA Rheumatoid chat line my friends Ava & Mary tell me their Rheumatoid is almost in remission after 4 months on MMj. They both moved to Colorado to get it and Mary is now returning to work and Ava can enjoy retirement without any more disability and about 90% less pain. Mary found a Rheumatologist who writes scripts for MMj for her medical card as he sees how it has helped her. Australia must catch up, think how many jobs -- made and grown here by Aussie companies who pay tax would pay off that budget deficit, more money for public hospitals, research fund etc. etc.

Cannabis Oil
I've been rediagnosed with seconday breast cancer which has returned in my bones. .eight places...spine x 4..ribs x 2..skull ..tailbone...hip...constant ongoing pain.... was told the oil was great for pain relief and actually fights cancer.. Is this true??
Yes it is true. This is
Yes it is true. This is widely known in the international community. Australia needs to catch up to the rest of the world.
susan (not verified)
Lung cancer
i have recently undergone chemotherapy and radiation for lung cancer, unfortunately at the moment it doesn't look as though it has been successful. i was just wondering whether anybody has tried using the marijuna oil? and if it actually works? Please pass on results Thanks from Sue
Dee ell (not verified)
Medicinal use of Cannabis and cannabis oil
For anyone unfortunate to have an illness that degrades quality of life or life expectancy I personally think fk the law, do what ya gotta do to get ur cannabis treatment. Even if you end up in legal trouble resulting in fines or jail it still beats death, incapacitating pain or debilitating seizures.
Many of our members are using
Many of our members are using CBD Oil to fight cancer and also to help treat the adverse symptoms of chemo and radiation therapy with great success.

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