Medicinal Cannabis Therapy

Medicinal Cannabis Therapy

Cannabis Tincture

The Entourage Effect

When preparing a tincture or whole plant medicinal extract many solvents will take up cannabis resin, meaning a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. A complete medicinal extract is a three part synergy of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, which is the third component of cannabis synergism of the entourage effect.

The flavonoids, often called bioflavonoids are represented in cannabis by common vegetable compounds such as, Quercetin and Rutin, all with well documented medicinal beneficial effects along with many others including Cannflavin A and B. Of most importance is the extraction of the flavonoid fraction for a Whole Plant Extract.

The importance of the synergy of the three significant therapeutic classes of compounds is called The Entourage Effect. Whole plant extractions for medical use should take up all three families of medicine with great efficiency and minimise the amount of chlorophyll’s, concrete oils and waxes that have little or no therapeutic value.

Ethanol is a solvent that will take up all three medicinal fractions but when used in a typical extraction has some drawbacks. The problem with ethanol is it's too non-selective. It takes up chlorophyll and other undesirable fractions that make it's oils and tinctures "green" and bitter.

The answer lies in changing the traits of ethanol and making it very selective for a whole plant extraction, and very non-selective for the other non-desirables. This is done by freezer cooling ethanol and the raw cannabis material to extract, then doing a three minute wash and freezing cold rinse. This is called the Quick Cold Wash. The result is a near clear extract or tincture that can be easily made in minutes.

Ethanol is a relatively safe solvent, whose characteristics can be manipulated with temperature, to be highly selective for medicinal compounds, while leaving undesirable waxes, chlorophyll and concrete oils behind. Ethanol is a powerful stripper of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids too.

Alison Barrett
Constant, pain
Good morning, I suffer from Osteo Arthritis / Rheumatoid Artheitis and Fibromyalgia the treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis suppresses my immune system and leaves me vulnerable to infection. I am a 65 years old female and having had a full knee replacement and arthritis all down my spine I really would love to try Medical Marijuana can you help me. I will list the drugs I take now it's not a pretty cocktail - Allegron 100mg for Fibromyalgia Naprosyn 1000mg for Arthritis Nexium 40mg for stomach lining protection Xeljanz 10mg for Rheumatoid Arthritis Prednisone 5mg daily for pain Panadeine Forte minimum 530mg x 8 per day for pain Methoblastin 10mg per week for RH Thank you for any advise you can provide Alison Barrett Megafol 10mg per week for RH Temazepam when needed for sleep if in pain. Endone 10mg when needed for pain
You need CBD Oil
That is indeed a nasty cocktail of prescription medication. I am fairly confident you could replace all that prescription crap with CBD Oil which I believe will treat all you underlying medical conditions and ailments.
Mich (not verified)
Depression and anxiety
Hi there I had conducted some other research before seriously considering cannabis as a therapy for my autoimmune disease but found it also helps with anxiety and depression from which I also suffer. Would you recommend you product for this as well?
Multiple Myeloma, Osteoarthritis and Constant Pain
Hi, I have suffered with Osteoarthritis for at least 10 years now. My pain started to increase about 3years ago and last year became unbearable. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in August 2016, had four cycles of treatment CFD which finished beginning of January this year. I then had a stem cell harvest in February and transplant mid March which was unsuccessful :(. I was given Thalidomide and Prednisone as a maintenance program which I stopped in September this year because it made me feel like a zombie, I could not function properly. My Para proteins are at 10 but were initially 45 on diagnosis. My whole body is in pain and feels like it is slowly seizing up, it has taken over my life. I have been prescribed various painkillers but they don’t work, being allergic to codeine doesn’t help. I feel like I am dying and have no control over my life anymore I am only 58yo can you please help me!!
julie Fickel (not verified)
advice for throat cancer & lymph secondaried
Hi I live in Qld, is it legal for me to buy / use your oil to treat newly diagnosed throat Cancer. I had breast cancer 3 yrs ago and had surgery & chemo then developed fybromyalgia. I also have lymph secondaries. Treatment is radiation & chemo.Do you advise cannabis oil as alternative treatment. If so, how long do I give it to work?

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