How to Make Cannabis Tincture

How to Make Cannabis Tincture

CBD Cannabidiol

Quick Cold Wash Method

Place a bottle of 95% ethanol in the freezer over night. Chop the raw plant material up and place it in an empty bottle no more then 3/4 full and put that in the freezer too with the lid off. The next day pour the freezing cold ethanol into the bottle of frozen herb until covered by 1/4 to a 1/3 over the top of the herb, put the lid on tight and shake for three minutes then stop.

Remove the lid and strain. Rinse with a small amount of freezing cold ethanol to flush the last bit out. Next, pour the ethanol herbal solution through a coffee paper filter. The result is a red/yellow off clear full strength tincture of cannabis, with little to no chlorophyll’s to speak of and all three medicinal fractions fully rinsed from the herb.

Evaporate the ethanol out. Use a fan in a well ventilated area to make a cannabinolic acid extract e.g. THCa and CBDa or activated extracts THC and CBD by applying gentle heat, below 100 degrees by using a rice cooker or steamer in a well ventilated area. The dry oil is yellow-clear, and highly potent.

Jeff (not verified)
Tincture Success
I took all my marijuana shake (not my good stuff) and ground it up fine, put it in a quart jar with 16 oz of Vodka and stashed in the freezer. Shook it up real good several times a day for 3 days then strained it with a tea strainer. I then strained it through coffee filter but there was so little residue in the bottom I just poured it off. The leftover chaff I wrapped in cheesecloth then plastic wrap and put it back in the freezer. Well, let me tell you - totally different from smoke or cook. It takes a while, like when used in cooking - effect slower coming on than smoking. The effect was soft, smooth and very relaxing - slow motion type coming on but very good effect if you have muscle spasm problems or anxiety. Didn't help depression like smoking does for me but did a lot more muscle relaxant action. The frozen blob of chaff in the freezer makes a great compress. I used it on my gimpy left knee - rubbed some oil on the knee then applied the cold 'compress' and darned if it didn't make it feel all better. Anyway, thought I would share this info with everyone since it was so easy to do and it helps. That's the best some of us can wish for. Take care everyone and use this info in good health.
Jeff's Tincture Success
That sure sounds an easier way to obtain the tincture and oil . Have others here had like this ???? and how much is recommended to take and how often ?? I want the oil to treat like sun cancers before they turn nasty . I did see once where this guy had this awful skin Cancer on his nose and they were going to cut it out which would've left him with a horrible hole and scar on his nose. A friend recommended to him to apply the cannabis oil directly on to the wound area which he did , and a week or so later cancelled the surgery as it had healed and the skin was like a babies , all new amazing . Thanks Jeff and everyone else here for your recipes and recommendations.
Ty86 (not verified)
I have made oil myself with great success and results from a few people I have given it to including my partner and I, I would like to start with saying to Jeff and anyone else that is reading or interested, I'm glad you have had positive results with your product but there's only one thing wrong with your oil that you made Jeff, and that is you extracted for far too long, 3 days, the most you should be extracting for is as previously stated above, 3 minutes, anything past this time frame and you will start extracting chemicals that aren't required and harmful instead of beneficial, there are 4 main compounds you aim to extract, CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG which are in the tricromes your extracting. Another contributing factor is the cannabis strain your extracting from as they each hold different beneficial properties for different diagnoses such as pain, appetite, cancer etc etc... if you wish to aim for a certain benefit then please do your research people, as it is readily available to anyone that is interested or in need, also please be very careful and discreet as it is an illegal practice and if caught you face serious penalties, as stupid as it sound it's in the same category as heroin ( schedule 1 prohibited drug ) ridiculous I know but until we all come together on the subject it will remain that way!
Hi Ty86, As I'm having so much trouble trying to obtain canabidoil oil for a number of medical problems I have, could you please tell me how YOU make your oil or where else I can find out how to make it easily and properly ? And how do I know which cannabis genus (breed) I'm using or does this even matter ? I suffer with severe anxiety, crippling migraines, arthritis and PTSD. I would so very much appreciate any help you could offer me please !
Hello Jeff
I'm just new at this and recently found out that I have a tumour on the base of my skull. It does require surgery and radiation. However I wish to start my oil treatment early, is this the method of making this oil. Thank you Kerry-Anne
I have prostate problems for 35 years I am 80 years old.
Presently I have pain before I urinate and after I also have eye problems and limited hearing, also joint problems.

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