Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana

Growing Medical Cannabis

When deciding to grow marijuana some people suggest it's best to consult the internet. Personally I am very fond of the book - deluxe edition 'Marijuana Growers Guide". It covers everything in good detail and costs under $20.00.

The method I describe here is simple and effective, and provides a large yield all at once. If you want continuous production methods buy the book mentioned above. Apart from that, and without financial considerations, I will try to list what I consider some great ideas for growing marijuana.

To get started you are going to need some lighting. Either Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting will work for all stages of the grow cycle. MH is better for vegetative growth and HPS for the flowering stage, but let's put that aside. Buy a 600 watt MH or HPS. Always keep you light 6 inches to 12 inches above the top of you plants.

Next make 4 rectangular containers, each a little less than 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet long, and 18" deep. Put them on wheels and give them drainage holes. You will get a much higher yield in the same space if you grow 20 to 40 plants in 4 containers rather than in individual containers. In rectangular rooms use rectangular containers so as to maximise your space.

Make sure the walls and if possible floor are highly reflective. I recommend white paint instead of mylar because it is cheaper, easier and almost as reflective. Before you put any of the containers or soil in, clean the walls, floor and ceiling with a bleach and water solution to disinfect any mold or other potentially hazardous pests.

Next, fill the bottom of your containers with rocks or clay pellets and make sure they are clean to allow drainage. Then fill your containers all the way to the top with potting soil (mix in some 'diatomaceous earth' for preventative pest control and trace minerals).

I like to add a thin layer of perlite to the top of the soil after my plants are in because it is reflective (although can be dusty). Buy a light timer, a thermometer and a fan and you are ready to grow. You don't need to mess with fertiliser (stay organic if possible) except something with high phosphorous (like 10-60-10) for when you are budding.

Go easy on the water and fertiliser your first time out, better to be a little light than a little heavy (organic also reduces the risk of fertiliser burn). You should certainly be able to pick up the rest from there.

That's pretty much all you need to know to get started growing marijuana plants. Make sure you choose good cannabis genetics when buying your cannabis seeds too, it will make a big difference to the quality of the end product.

Getting Started
I agree with what you are saying. It is best to keep things as simply as possible when it comes to growing weed. I always propagate my seeds in rock-wool, under fluorescent lights and in a propagation tray. The humidity in the tray helps the seedlings get started. When the seedlings get to about 10cm tall I put them under a 400 watt metal halide globe in a suitable grow room which has good air flow and ventilation. I usually grow a few plants but make sure they are quite big before I change them over to high pressure sodium globes for the flowering stage. I only ever remove dead or low laying leaves and resist the temptation to prune the leaves back. I believe this helps the buds get more volume and therefore a better yield.
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State Laws for Growing Marijuana
State Laws for Growing Marijuana What are the current laws regarding growing cannabis? In W.A. you were able to grow up to 2 plants outdoors but the Liberal Party revised that law about 4 years ago and made it an offence. Can you grow cannabis in any other states? From my limited research it is illegal to grow cannabis in most Australian States and Territories. However, in some States you can grow up to 2 plants outdoors and if caught it is only a small fine and no offense will be recorded. This is the case in the ACT and used to be the same in WA until that law was repealed by the current Liberal Government.
In S.A. you can Grow up to 3
In S.A. you can Grow up to 3 plants 1 per person per house... out door only. It was.. last i "checked".. a $320 fine and no conviction. Some states have discretionary powers for police to not charge someone that is using medicinal marijuana.
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purchasing CBD concentration plants or seed to grow

I need to give my 84 year old mum CBD as a supplement to her pain meds as it works. We bought the syringes as a trial but she can't continue with the price of the oil. I am considering making the oil myself but would want a strain with high CBD just like your product, Do you know where I could get plants or seeds, THX, Jacqui

You can buy "Blue Dream" seeds with a high CBD content here:
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For indoor growing
For indoor growing illumination these days I would be tempted to purchase & use the new style LED lights. As a licenced Electrical Contractor , I am very familiar with the amount of excessive heat 400 & 1000 Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium lamps generate + the extra heat that the ballast for each globe gives out. Venting the heat generated in a grow space was always a problem , even when the ballasts were remotely located excessive heat was still a major problem. As long as you can get the technical specifications for the colour temperature & lumens emitted , the new style LED's , should be able to match or better the overall performance in every area when compared to the traditional high wattage current consuming Vacuum Tube Lights , I'd work around in the 1990's trying to light up medium to large manufacturing factories built in the 1950's or 60's with terrible natural lighting in them. BTW . I have never seen a 600 watt Methal or HPS globe personally or in any of the catalogs I ordered from , how old & what country was this book written in ?

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