Growing Marijuana Using Tissue Culture: A Step-by-Step Guide

Growing Marijuana Using Tissue Culture: A Step-by-Step Guide

Growing Medical Cannabis

Marijuana has been gaining popularity in recent years, both as a medicinal herb and a recreational drug. With advancements in cultivation techniques, it is now possible to grow high-quality marijuana plants using tissue culture. This method is especially suitable for large-scale growers as it enables them to produce many identical plants with consistent genetics. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about growing marijuana using tissue culture, including creating the culture medium and selecting the right grow setup.

Step 1: Creating the Culture Medium

The first step in growing marijuana using tissue culture is creating the culture medium. This is a nutrient-rich solution that will support the growth of the plant cells in the lab. To make the culture medium, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Distilled water
  • Macro and micro-nutrients
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Agar


  1. Start by sterilizing all equipment, including the beaker, stirrer, and measuring devices, to prevent contamination of the culture medium.
  2. Measure out the correct amount of distilled water and pour it into a sterilized beaker.
  3. Add the macro and micro-nutrients to the water and stir until they are fully dissolved.
  4. Slowly add the plant growth regulators and continue stirring until they are fully mixed into the solution.
  5. In a separate sterilized container, measure out the correct amount of agar and add it to the beaker with the rest of the ingredients.
  6. Stir until the agar is fully dissolved into the solution, and then pour the culture medium into sterilized petri dishes.
  7. Allow the medium to cool and solidify before using it to grow the plant cells.

Step 2: Obtaining Plant Tissue

The next step is to obtain a small piece of tissue from the parent plant, which will be used to create the tissue culture. This can be done by taking a cutting from the parent plant and removing any leaves. Be sure to sterilize the cutting and all equipment used to take the cutting, to prevent contamination of the tissue culture.

Step 3: Initiating Tissue Culture

Once you have the culture medium and plant tissue, you can initiate the tissue culture. This is done by placing the plant tissue onto the surface of the culture medium, ensuring that it is in contact with the surface. The tissue will then start to grow and multiply, forming a mass of identical cells.

Step 4: Sub-Culturing and Transplanting

As the tissue culture grows, it will eventually become too large to remain in the petri dish. At this point, you will need to sub-culture the tissue culture by transferring it to a larger container. This can be done by transferring a portion of the tissue culture to a new petri dish filled with fresh culture medium.

Once the tissue culture has reached a suitable size, it can be transplanted into a grow setup. This can be done by transferring the tissue culture to a container filled with soil or another growing medium, or by transplanting the tissue culture directly into the soil.

Step 5: Growing the Plants

Once the tissue culture has rooted and started to grow, it is time to transfer it to a growing medium for further development. The growing medium can be soil, coco coir, or any other suitable medium for marijuana plants. It is important to use a high-quality growing medium that provides adequate nutrients, water, and air to the plants.

It is recommended to use containers with adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Ensure the containers are large enough to accommodate the plants as they grow, with enough space between the plants to allow proper air circulation.

When transplanting the tissue culture, gently handle the roots and avoid damaging them. Plant the tissue culture in the growing medium, covering the roots and making sure the base of the stem is slightly below the surface of the medium. Water the plants gently to settle the soil around the roots.

It is recommended to use LED grow lights or fluorescent lights to provide adequate light to the plants. Ensure the lights are kept at a sufficient distance from the plants to prevent burning and adjust the height of the lights as the plants grow.

Maintain proper temperature, humidity, and air circulation levels in the grow room to ensure optimal growth. Regular monitoring and adjustment of the environmental conditions are crucial for successful marijuana cultivation using tissue culture.

It is also important to provide the plants with adequate nutrients and water during the growing stage. Use high-quality plant food and adjust the nutrient levels according to the growth stage of the plants. Do not over-fertilize the plants as this can cause damage to the roots and lead to other problems.

In conclusion, growing marijuana from tissue culture can be a reliable and efficient method of cultivating high-quality plants. With proper care and attention, tissue culture can be a useful tool for producing robust and healthy marijuana plants.

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I agree with what you are saying. It is best to keep things as simply as possible when it comes to growing weed. I always propagate my seeds in rock-wool, under fluorescent lights and in a propagation tray. The humidity in the tray helps the seedlings get started. When the seedlings get to about 10cm tall I put them under a 400 watt metal halide globe in a suitable grow room which has good air flow and ventilation. I usually grow a few plants but make sure they are quite big before I change them over to high pressure sodium globes for the flowering stage. I only ever remove dead or low laying leaves and resist the temptation to prune the leaves back. I believe this helps the buds get more volume and therefore a better yield.
State Laws for Growing Marijuana What are the current laws regarding growing cannabis? In W.A. you were able to grow up to 2 plants outdoors but the Liberal Party revised that law about 4 years ago and made it an offence. Can you grow cannabis in any other states? From my limited research it is illegal to grow cannabis in most Australian States and Territories. However, in some States you can grow up to 2 plants outdoors and if caught it is only a small fine and no offense will be recorded. This is the case in the ACT and used to be the same in WA until that law was repealed by the current Liberal Government.
In S.A. you can Grow up to 3 plants 1 per person per house... out door only. It was.. last i "checked".. a $320 fine and no conviction. Some states have discretionary powers for police to not charge someone that is using medicinal marijuana.

I need to give my 84 year old mum CBD as a supplement to her pain meds as it works. We bought the syringes as a trial but she can't continue with the price of the oil. I am considering making the oil myself but would want a strain with high CBD just like your product, Do you know where I could get plants or seeds, THX, Jacqui

You can buy "Blue Dream" seeds with a high CBD content here:
Jet Black
For indoor growing illumination these days I would be tempted to purchase & use the new style LED lights. As a licenced Electrical Contractor , I am very familiar with the amount of excessive heat 400 & 1000 Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium lamps generate + the extra heat that the ballast for each globe gives out. Venting the heat generated in a grow space was always a problem , even when the ballasts were remotely located excessive heat was still a major problem. As long as you can get the technical specifications for the colour temperature & lumens emitted , the new style LED's , should be able to match or better the overall performance in every area when compared to the traditional high wattage current consuming Vacuum Tube Lights , I'd work around in the 1990's trying to light up medium to large manufacturing factories built in the 1950's or 60's with terrible natural lighting in them. BTW . I have never seen a 600 watt Methal or HPS globe personally or in any of the catalogs I ordered from , how old & what country was this book written in ?
Ok well i have tryed cbd and its ok for pain and the various symptoms and other problems i have but i found cbd heavy plants like crtical mass was the last lot i did was just to low on the thc thca side as its now been shown to be more benificial to have the thc not whute widow thc strength but something softer and mellow to help carry the cbd and make the pain and also mental stuff go away while also giving you while not a high a good feeling of well beinging all day i tryed with sou deseil and also afgahni and not sure the strain we call it red rocks its red and furry as hell but hard as rocks buds. So will u have the cannaoil or cannacaps anytime soon or what sort of reccomendation would you say is a good i suppose you call it a noob strain for a good feeling so u know its working and cbd as its gotta have more thc etc than your quoting in yours im finding out however i havent tryed yours as 395 is a bit to spend on a disability pension i also need it to be used as a opioid replacement thereapy so i can stop those also as they are just more poisen and i have seen anicdotal eveidence that weed works for withdrawal of opiates so im guessing the concetrates will too. Id be happy to pay the money for the rso or cannacaps for now till my own supplys are ready as for the laws of growing ring the police and legislation departmwnt and the drug enforcement as they still say 2 plants are fine even though it may have been changed organized crime and narcotics same branch said that 2 plants is legal legislation said they dont know yet as laws havent been layed out for wa melbourne and vic only 1 week ago had some law passed on its use and it was pretty poor rulling for anyone except sick kids but im happy the sick kids are finally getting help they need amd not suffering needlessly Also outdoors what is the normal frow time from before germination to finished flower ready to dry sift and extract etc As i use seasol and a totally organic fertilizer alteranting with watering twice a day and food twice to 3 times a week and my teunks are as thick as well around the base its an easy 25-30cm round also it got topped at 6ft because of fence height but change spots and now its 14ft high and about 10 ft round and just starting to bud and its budding top to bottom and well im guessing there will be if it keeps going like this 5 pounds of the one plant and we have 2 they were dineamex seeds hybrids of purple urkle, cheese, crtical mass, og kush, and well what we call bushys whis is similar to the afghan phenotypes ow do i stop them as every 2to 3days i find a new branch and a new bud in ever offshoot the crown which was loped originally is now as big as my bicep and its still a teenager it has about normally id say 2 weeks left but in 2 weeks its going to be a bloody tree how to u halt growth out and up and just make the flowers fill in and finsish as im at 90days now and counting inluding gemination help its huge

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