Cannabis Oil Dosing

Cannabis Oil Dosing

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil Dosing - How to Cure Cancer in 7 Years

Medicinal cannabis therapy is said to be dose dependent. That means the healing rate is dependent on the dose rate. The more cannabis in your blood the faster you will heal. The aim of medicinal cannabis therapy is to ingest marijuana oil orally and as much as your body can tolerate as often as you can tolerate it.

Full Course

Ingest 60ml in no more than 2-3 months. Ingesting it as often as possible until all the cancer is gone and then gradually finish the remaining oil to ensure cancer does not return. This takes about 2-3 months. The dose size depends on your body’s tolerance level and everyone is different. The average amount per dose to take is very small, about the size of a grain of rice.

First Dose

Half the size of a grain of rice. If your feel fine after two hours and can still walk around performing your usual duties eat more, this time increase the dose to the size of a grain of rice. Continue on like this, increasing your dose rate by half the size of a grain of rice, each consecutive dose, till you start to feel uncomfortable or get incredibly high or go to sleep. If that happens let it wear off completely. Next time take a slightly less than your last dose and this will be your perfect dose. Once you find the perfect amount for you, you’ve found your regular dose.

Dose Rates

Take your regular dose in the morning as soon as you wake up and once you feel it gone, it usually takes a couple of hours to wear off take another dose. Once again depending on your tolerance level you may have to wait until lunch time to take another dose but some people might be ready to take another dose at 10am. Keep taking regular doses all day, as required, up until bed time. Then at night take a last dose before you go to sleep. It's a good time to take a bigger dose than your regular dose.

For the first few days try to lock this routine down. As the first week passes your body tolerance level will rise just like people who smoke cannabis and you'll be able to ingest more and more of it at any given time with no negative side effects. That is because your body tolerance increases, so at this stage start to increase your regular dose amounts and/or times per day you administer the regular doses. Remember the aim to take as much as you can as often as you can. This is to ensure there's always action of shutdown happening in the cells that contain the cancer.

You must still be able to walk around and perform your usual duties as you don’t want to flood your system with too many cannabinoids because that will make you too sleepy. You need an efficient amount of cannabinoids binding to the CB receptor locations and releasing CB receptors so that an effective amount of cannabinoids is always binding to cancerous sites or areas of healing to get the maximum amount of PCD (Programmed Cell Death) possible at all times to turn off cancer. So you do this by taking as much as you can as often as you can till completely healed.

Maintenance Dose

A maintenance dose may be required for continued protection and as a preventative therapy. Mix any remaining marijuana oil with 95% ethanol, hemp seed oil or coconut oil to make tincture of cannabis. You should aim to consume 2ml to 4ml once or twice a day.

Remission for 7 Years

It takes seven years to replace every cell in your body, so after 7 years with no sign of cancer you win!

Oil for my Dog
Hi I'm hoping you can help me, I actually want this oil for my pug dog he is 7 years old and is having seizures, he has only had a few but the last on was very intense and since then has been a very frightened little dog not liking to leave my side, I have heard from people that this oil helps with seizures but I'm not sure if you sell it for animal consumption and what the diagram would be, I would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me and let me know either way, I'm very scared I may lose my best friend to one of these seizures Thank you Lyn
Kim (not verified)
Oil for my Dog
Hello I too would be very interested as my 13 year old dog also has seizures that are becoming more frequent as she ages. I can no longer get her teeth cleaned as the anaesthesia exacerbates them. I would imagine the dose would have to be miniscule as she only weighs 4kg. If I don't receive any advice in the next week or so I might just have to experiment myself. Thanks Kim
Dosage for pets
We agree that dosage for pets is very difficult to determine and is something you will need to work out yourself.
Oil for my pup
Hi, I'm hoping you can also help me. I have a 6 month old pup who has been having seizures since she was 11 weeks old (between 8 -17 seizures a month). She is currently on Phenobarbital with very little improvement. I have read the CBD oil has been used successfully in America for young dogs. Can you help me with the dosage - she weighs 7.5 kilograms. Thank you Jenny
Dosing for pain and anxiety
My husband was inquiring about lower back pain as he is a mine worker, would the CBD be detected in a test or if driving, if it would he could lose his job
Drug driving tests

Drug driving tests attempt to detect THC in a persons system. CBD is not THC and therefore would not be detected in a drug test.

Sarah (not verified)
Hi I have Grand Mal Epilepsy. I regularly take anti-epileptic medication which stops my seizures but the side effects are less than desirable. They make me moody, forgetful and occasionally dizzy. Would the oil help me get off my meds? Thank you in advance Sarah
Used CBD Oil to treat seizures with great success

Many of our members have used CBD Oil to treat seizures with great success and with no adverse side effects. In a recent clinical trial in Australia CBD was proven to treat seizures. A doctor confirmed the clinical trial findings but went on to say that it is no better than traditional medicine. What the doctor failed to mention was that it might not be better but it doesn't induce the same negative side effects as pharmaceuticals.

Hi i am inquiring about the CBD for my husband that has bowel cancer. we were wondering would it be detectable if he was pulled up for a drug and alcohol test work.
This question was answered

This question was answered above.

Anyone tried for fibromyalgia pain what's the experience and dose?..
Fibromyalgia Pain

Please follow the link to review a member testimonial for fibromyalgia pain.

Christene (not verified)
CBD oil and Chronic Pain Control
Hi , I am a female 63 years. I suffer from Chronic Pain!! SLE (Lucas), Gastroenteritis, Fibromyalgia, Connective Tissue disease and Diverticulitus. I suffer from osteoporosis and have constant burning pain in my limbs I am at my wits end. I also have suffered since childhood with chronic bronchiectasis and asthma and have constant lung and kidney infections requiring hospitalisation. I am tired of all the drugs that only mask the pain for a little while but to achieve that I take medications that are destroying other parts of my body (prednesolene , plaquenil , warfarin, lyrics, cymbalta and numerous others) I have been to pain clinics with no success. Please tell me what you recommend. I am using heat packs, physio , tens machine and meditation as well as prescribed drugs. I want to get relief from the pain any advice you could give me would be a life saver for me as I don't know how many more years I can do this. Hoping someone can help me. Christene
Christine, so sorry for your
Christine, so sorry for your pain, i have been to every type of dr for 8 years. Have damaged nerves, had them released now have to heal so i am trying the CBD hemp oil. Have halved my morphine pills which is a good sign , still in pain though .i expect it to take some time , if ever, for it them to heal . So i think its worth trying. I would like to find out if the cannibis oil is any better. . I would certainly advise you try these oils. Would love to hear if they help. I will keep you all posted too.
Cannabis oil
My suggestion would be to take out all sugars and flour from your diet. Drink lots of clean water. The cannabis oil seems to aid in most conditions. My book Sugardreams..waking up to the bitter reality may give you some information.
Ross Mckay (not verified)
Prostate Cancer
Sirs, I have reasonable aggressive Prostate Cancer, with PSA rising 2 points per month. Your customer reported he was getting good results using CBD Tincture, but no dosage mentioned. Is Tincture best to use, and what dosage would you to suggest to start reversing the PSA. Best regards Ross McKay.
Dosing information
Dosing information can be found on the relevant product pages as well as in the above blog article.
Lynn (not verified)
Parkinson's disease
Are these oils meant to be taken orally as I've seen whereby it states "for external use in Australia"? The word external is confusing! Are there any statistics of success in PD sufferers when taken orally?
Chronic migraine/tension
Hi I'm a sufferer of migrains/headaches and body joint inflammation since primary school I'm now 37 tried everything the doctors have thrown at me from epilim tabs to acupuncture to meditation all Valium due to anger from the pain will this help and how can I get a hold of it the oil please do I advise my doctor I'm in Sydney.
Mike1111 (not verified)
Yes I also want to know if there's evidence cbd can help chronic migraines??
Help migraines?
I'm not sure if it help with migraines.
Marney (not verified)
Hi theres evidence now that
Hi theres evidence now that suggests Acupuncture is at least as effective as conventional drug preventative therapy for migraine and is safe, long lasting and cost-effective ...and is also considered part of a preventative treatment programme.
CBD Oil has helped with inflammation and pain
Our members have reported that CBD Oil has helped them with inflammation and pain. I am not aware of any doctors in Australia prescribing any type of medicinal cannabis to help with your ailments. I think you need to do a lot of research to find a compassionate doctor to help you.
My wife has stage 4 lung cancer wich has gone to the brain. Will Cannabis oil help with the cancer. The cemo & radiation have not worked.
Did you get an answer
Did you get an answer oldbloke? Also looking into this for my granddad, stage 4 lung cancer which is also on his brain and eye.
Used CBD Oil to reduce tumour growth
I have heard many stories from our members who have successfully used CBD Oil to reduce tumour growth and to aid in the recovery from chemo and radiation therapy. To treat cancer and possibly cure it my understanding is that you also need a product with high THC levels. The only way to source THC products that I am currently aware of right now is to make them yourself.
Rosalie Smith
Advanced Prostste Cancer
My dear friend has fought this for 7 years. He is sick of feeling pain all the time. Cancer is now eating through the bones. Can you tell me what product to use.i.e oil, tincture ect. Thankyou
Needs a product with high THC content
If your friend is fighting cancer he needs a product with high THC content. Right now in Australia the only way to source that type of product is to make it yourself. It is quite simple to do but you will obviously need to source the raw materials.
Michelle Devrson
Complex regional Pain syndrome
My daughter suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in both feet 7/10 to 9/10 pain 24/7, doctors will not subscribe this product as there has been no information done could you please tell me if there has been any research done on this painful syndrome. Thank you
Available on Prescription

If the product you need is available on prescription then you need to find out what conditions the product treats. Your doctor should know this.

Debra Wright
Brain Cancer
I had Oligodendro Glioma nearly 3 years ago. I have 4 monthly MRI's and in November 2016 the MRI showed a new spot in the middle of my brain. I went to my Neurosurgeon but had to wait for another 6 weeks before the next MRI. This showed the spot in my brain reducing in size. Then I started taking CBD oil purchased via email. I took this for the next few weeks before the latest MRI which showed the tumour had completely disappeared. He asked what I was taking and I told him Cannabis Oil. He said keep taking it. My problem is that I am now totally out of the CBD Oil as I gave a bottle to my Dad who is suffering the last stage of Sarcoma #4 in his chest. He is on an Oxygen tank constantly as he is in so much pain and is struggling to breath. I am looking to purchase some more CBD Oil...if at all possible. I really need to fight as hard as I can to stay healthy. Please advise if you can possibly help with the supply of a couple of bottles. Thank you, Debra
CBD Oil helping with tumour reduction

Hi Debra, I have heard the same testimonials from other members regarding CBD Oil helping with tumour reduction. Unfortunately we cannot supply any CBD Oil right now due to the fact that some companies and government agencies prefer that people do not have access to this product. The government would seemingly prefer control of an individuals health and the right to cure know ailments be vested in large corporations and not be subject to the individuals right to choose their own path. It's a shame that some people can be so selfish and be motivated by their own desire for power and control.

Ayla (not verified)
Hi, I'm a behavioural therapist & Counsellor who mainly work with autistic & ADHD children. I'm looking into the effect the oil might have on the children. Do you have any research or knowledge regarding This?
Member Testimonials

I have received numerous testimonials from parents that used CBD Oil to treat their autistic children. They claimed the product was amazing and virtually put an end to the symptoms common with such conditions. You can read the member testimonial here:

virginia scott (not verified)
Cure for my Cancer
HELLO FOLKS, thanks for providing remedy to my cancer. I don't have much to say but with all my life I will forever be grateful to you and God Almighty for using him to reach out to me when I thought it was all over. Today am happy with my kids and my husband after the medical doctor confirmed that I am cancer free. I have never in my life believed that my cancer could be cured by any herbal medicine after many report from medical doctors. I want to use this medium to inform people out there with any type of cancer that medical cannabis can treat all kinds of terminal diseases.
7 years cancer remission
Thanks for your comment. That's such great news that your cancer has been cured. To fully cure cancer it is my understanding that you should be in remission for at least 7 years during which time the body replaces all cells. If you are cancer free after that period of time then generally you are cured.
Victor Osorio (not verified)
Could you please help me to decide what is the correct dosage for me I am 93 years old and suffering from Lung Cancer and Vascular dementia anxiety and depression I have received my product and is oil hemp 2000mg wondering how much I have to take?
I have joined this site as my sister has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She is currently having chemo and has also recently started taking cannabis oil. A family member made this but doesn't wish to anymore. Would prefer if I source it elsewhere. I have no idea where to go for this. Can anyone help me please?
I have joined this site as I would like to source CBD oil to treat symptoms of severe anxiety - I have been taking anti-depressants for quite a while but want to stop taking these.
Maria Aitken
Treatment for compact fracture of spine due to osteoporosis.
This enquiry is for my 86 year old mum who is in intense pain due to compact fractures of spine due to osteoporosis . She also has a heart condition and has a pacemaker/defibrillator.
Back Pain
I have chronic back pain that I have dealing with for over 14 years since a operation where I had some disk removed. For years Ive been taking Tram and Mobic. I have always hated taking these types of drugs. Is the oil my best option for relief? I would like to use this natural medication for my general health on a daily basis Cheers Chris
ChrissieDee (not verified)
Cannabis oil for severe MariJuana withdrawls, Anxiety, Insomnia.
Hello. I have been a chronic user (smoker) of Marijuana for over 20 years, I am trying to get off it because I am having increasing issues with memory, motivation and asthma, I love it but its time to stop. The problem is I have quite a bad Back problem and everytime I try to give up MJ, the pain from my back issues kick in (there's my proof that the pain relieving qualities of CBD are true!!) I also suffer really severe THC withdrawal symptoms and develop severe Anxiety and Insomnia. My question here is: as I no doubt have a lot of THC built up in my body, would it be safe for me to have Cannabis oil ? Also could it possibly help me get through the withdrawls symptoms and alleviate the Anxiety/Insomnia. Last question: Where can I buy it in Australia, it seems to be sold out completely on this website ?? Thank you in advance for any advice.
size and amount
Hi can you tell me how many caps: are in a bottle, and the dose and how long they last. And same with the oil. And what is the best product for severer pain , due to Arthritis in spine and muscle squashing spinal cord, non operational.
Leeanne Harrison (not verified)
Breast and lymp node cancer
Hi I have had 3 months of triple dose chemo and 3months of single dose then surgery I am now having radiation and then 10 years of hormone treatment can you please help me I have been hearing about the benefits of the cannabis treatment please let me know how to order this plus which type will help me please Lee-Anne

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