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Who Are We?

MarijuanaOil.com.au is a division of VitaNutricals Pty Ltd - A Registered Australian Company established on the 7th October 2013. Our Founder and CEO has 14 years experience and knowledge working within the Nutraceutical industry in Australia and the U.S.A. and we are currently able to use the most advanced technology to extract from the whole plant, THC and CBD cannabinoids for the use in products that can be administered to medical marijuana patients.

Let me explain what our organisation stands for. Firstly, there was overwhelming support in the community for the introduction of legislation that would decriminalise the use of medicinal marijuana for people that were suffering from various ailments and medical conditions. After years of lobbying the Federal Government they passed legislation in 2016 that made medical marijuana legal in Australia. From our point of view the introduction of this new industry into Australia will have wide reaching health and economic benefits to the community.

All the best with your health and well-being.

Cannabis Dispensary

Our Mission

1 Certified Manufacturing Facility

Our aim is to build a government certified manufacturing facility.

2 Federally Licensed Processing

Our aim is to obtain a license to grow medicinal grade cannabis in Australia.

3 National Distribution

Our aim is to distribute premium quality medical marijuana to people that need it.

Our Philosophy

To assist people obtain medical marijuana products and information which will assist them in treating their medical condition.

Our philosophy is that people with numerous medical ailments and conditions are not being provided with the best medical care available. The perception is that some pharmaceutical companies control illness and research by failing to find cures to common diseases. This paradigm has allowed these stakeholders to maintain and expand their customer base and therefore make hundreds of billions in profits each year. It is not within the pharmaceutical business model to actually help people otherwise the repeat business they get would decline - so it is claimed by some.

Our proposal to the Australian Federal Government is to allow Medical Marijuana oil and/or cannabis plant material for specific medical patients to possess and cultivate in Australia. Patients with "debilitating medical conditions: such as Cancer, Glaucoma and Epilepsy qualify, as do others with a range of conditions for which marijuana has shown promise as a treatment. A patient's physician must find that marijuana, "might benefit" the patient in order to authorise its use by the patient.